The School of Singing The Singer’s Dry Throat Delimma!

The Singer’s Dry Throat Delimma!

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How many times while performing a song you found yourself struggling with a dry throat? Many I am sure as have I. Wondering what might be causing it? Some things you may want to consider when this occurs. Winter is the roughest season for dry throat due to the nature of the weather. Constant heating also presents a problem, which is why it is recommended to use a warm steam mist vapor when sleeping. Budget a little tight? Place a couple of pots filled with water on top of your heaters. The caffeine in coffee needs to be watched because too much consumption will lead to dehydration. I love pizza, but an average slice can have any where from 600 to 1000 mg of sodium. Certainly not what I wanted to hear. 17 Rold Gold Pretzels contain 450 mg of sodium and New York styled pretzels, my favorite, average 250 mg of sodium.

Here is something that could be contributing to your dry throat. It seems no matter how much water you drink seems not to be helping with your dry throat. So what could this mysterious something be? Pretzels? Not pretzels, but what lies upon them, Salt. Salt? Yes, salt. How much salt or sodium are you having in your diet? Many foods carry a high content of salt therefore leading to assisted dryness, not mentioning high blood pressure. Let me explain. If you are a very active person, you will tend to dehydrate at a higher rate. If you are athletic, you will tend to dehydrate and a quicker rate. Large consumption of fluids are a major recommendation because after all, a performer has much to contend with. A performer is active, wears costumes that can be hot, under heavy stage lighting, and perform demanding roles. Add these up with a high sodium diet and you are headed for trouble.

There is no food or beverage that produces a silver bullet to a perfectly moist throat. What I recommend is a good source of daily protein such as beans, egg whites, fish, and meats. Every thing in moderation especially in the red meat department. In addition, I recommend that you eat at least two hours before a performance and make sure it is light with low salt content. Have slices of apples or any citrus fruit back stage as they activate saliva that will help coat the throat. Lastly if you are on stage and get a sudden bout of dryness in the throat, then gently bite on the tip of your tongue as that will help produce saliva. It is said that Pavarotti’s favorite drink on a performance day was water and lemon. The sensible thing to do is have a light meal low in salt and drink plenty of water. By the way let me recommend a tea that I love and soothes the throat, Throat Coat Tea.  Click here for the link and can be purchased in virtually any supermarket.

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