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Chiaroscuro literally in Italian means light-dark. Chiaroscuro was used in the bel canto, meaning beautiful singing, style of singing technique originating in Italy.  The technique incorporated both what was called squillo, which is referred as the brilliant sound of the voice combined with a dark timbre known as scuro. It is the joining of these two areas of vocal production that much attention to detail must be made. If one is to sing too forward, there is a tendency to sound reedy especially in tenors. If one is to sing too back in the throat, there is a tendency to sound to hollow.

How one joins chiaroscuro lies in the responsibility of the vocal instructor and student to exercise the voice in both areas with specific vocal exercises. The Italian vowel [i] for us [ee], is the perfect vowel for the student to sense a bright and forward sound whereas the Italian vowel [a] for us [ah] with a tendency toward [aw], is a great vowel to identify the dark timbre. Utilizing these vowels will immediately acquaint the student with the chiaroscuro bringing a proper balance between both worlds of sound. Note that each sound is to be recognized upon vowels and not by manufacturing or manipulating the mouth in order to sense both timbres of sound.

In your vocalizing today, play around with the two vowels stated above so that you might experience if you have been singing too bright or too dark. I tell all of my students that one of your best friends in singing is remembering what you sense in your vocal production.

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